Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Rainbow...

There are times in our lives we walk through different storms. The wind picks up, the rain falls hard, the rumble of thunder is loud and the lighening is bright. We are broken, hurt, and beaten down emotionally. The enemy uses these times to speak lies to us, make us doubt who we are, what our character is, and forget who made us to be.

There are many out there who are walking through this type of storm. Some who are walking through a diagnosis, some who are walking through family issues, some who are walking through the hurt and disappointment of people in their lives. Each their own story, their own storm. Struck down by lies, question of character, and painful realities.

It's through these storms we are refined, and brought to our knees. Prayerful for the rainbow. It is through Christ that we are healed, we are redeemed, we are forgiven, we are restored. Jesus is our comforter, our strength, our support.

Today, I am praying for friends who are walking through these storms. May the sun peek through the clouds, and the rainbows appear. May the hope of the Lord be their strength. May they lean on Christ, instead of their own strength. There is a rainbow. He has so much planned for their lives - so much more than they can hope for or imagine.

Today, I praise God for His strength that He has given us through our storms. I praise Him for the blessings He has given us because of those storms. I thank Him for each day, and what it brings, whether a storm or a rainbow.

Lord, May today be a day of rainbows even through the storms...

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